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Down Syndrome Basics

New to Down syndrome? Start here to get the basics about the cause, history, features and some of the statistics regarding Down syndrome. This page provides the background you will need to start understanding Down syndrome.

Best Thing About Down Syndrome
While we tend to spend a lot of time concentrating on the problems associated with Down syndrome, there is definitely another side to this story. People with Down syndrome bring so much to a family and to the world. What do you think is the best thing about Down syndrome?

Symptoms of Down Syndrome
An overview of the physical characteristics, medical issues, behavioral components and psychological issues seen in individuals with Down syndrome.

What Not to Say to New Parents of a Baby with Down Syndrome
While there are specific phrases and sentiments that may be helpful in talking to parents of a new infant with Down syndrome, there are some things that you should try to avoid saying.

What is Down Syndrome?
If you are just starting to learn about Down syndrome, read this article to get a brief overview of the history, cause and characteristics of people with Down syndrome (also called trisomy 21).

Facts about Down Syndrome
A few pertinent statistics about Down syndrome.

Illustrated Guide to Down Syndrome from the Dolan DNA Learning Center
This illustrated guide to Down syndrome from the Dolan DNA Learning center covers the causes, inheritances, treatments, testing and incidence of Down syndrome. Be sure and roll your mouse over the illustrations to access each specific section.

New York Time Multimedia Overview of Down Syndrome
The New York Times multimedia overview of Down syndrome including video's, health information and more.

A Short Overview of Down Syndrome from A.D.A.M.
This article from A.D.A.M. provides a short but thorough overview of the symptoms, causes and treatments for Down syndrome.

What is Down Syndrome in 2014?
Fast forward to 2014, a time when people with Down syndrome and their families continue to demonstrate that while living with Down syndrome is not a “typical” circumstance, it is also nothing out of this world.

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