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Development in Down Syndrome

The phrase “developmental delay” is often used to describe both the mental and physical development of people with Down syndrome, but what exactly does this term mean? Learn more about what to a child with Down syndrome can do and when they should be doing it.

Development in Children with Down Syndrome
Individuals with Down syndrome develop skills at a slower pace that individuals without Down syndrome. However, there are some norms of what to expect, in terms of development, from a child with Down Syndrome. This article outlines what you can expect developmentally from your child with Down syndrome.

Development in Children Ages 5 to 11
More information about the development of older children with Down Syndrome.

Development in Adolescents with Down Syndrome
Adolescence can be a trying time for all families. It is important to know what is normal behavior for an adolescent with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome and Autism
Autism is a difference in development marked by impaired communication, difference in fine and gross motor skills and developmental delays. Currently, it is thought that somewhere between 1 and 10% of individuals with Down Syndrome may also meet the diagnostic criteria for autism. Read this article to learn more about this diagnosis and criteria.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Down Syndrome
Children with Down syndrome can often have trouble paying attention. Is this due to their shortened attention span or something more serious like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? This article, written by a pediatrician with an interest in Down syndrome, addresses some of the questions regarding Down Syndrome and ADHD.

Moving from an IFSP to an IEP for Your child with Down syndrome

People with Down Syndrome and College

School Inclusion for Children with Down Syndrome

What Is Inclusion for Children with Down Syndrome
What we should want and expect from inclusion is for them to experience the full meaning of the word. That means a life with no limits and the opportunity to learn from a life free of prejudice.

Dual Diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism
The high incidence of autism has also affected the community of people with other primary diagnoses and children with Down syndrome are one of them.

Stories of Families DS-ASD
It was in 2010 when Sofia started doing things that she had never done before. She started making loud sounds and flapping her hands.

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