Down syndrome will have AAI although most will never have symptoms of this disorder. Read here to learn more about this condition, how it is diagnosed, it's symptoms and treatments.">
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Atlantoaxial Instability


Updated March 15, 2009

Definition: Atlantotaxial instability is a condition affecting the neck bones of about 15% of people with Down syndrome. Because of their somewhat stretchier ligaments, the two bones at the top of the neck (called C1 and C2) maybe prone to excessive movement. Often this condition causes no problems, but if it affects the underlying nerves, there can be neurological problems (rare). Because of the possibility for injury during certain activities, the Special Olympics requires that all athletes be screened for this condition prior to participating in the games.
Pronunciation: At lan toe ax ee ul In sta bill it tea
Also Known As: AAI asymptomatic AAI symptomatic AAI Craniovertebral Instability
Common Misspellings: antlantoaxial Instability
Because of their somewhat lax ligaments, people with Down syndrome are at increased risk to have atlantoaxial instability or AAI. Even if this condition is present, it rarely causes complications.
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