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Helpful Resources for Down Syndrome

Books, Websites, Support Groups and More - Resources for Down Syndrome


Updated June 12, 2014

There are many resources available for parents of children with Down syndrome including books, website, national support groups, local support groups and online email groups. Be sure and check out all of the resources listed below and decide which of them meets your needs.

Books on Down Syndrome

Books can be a wonderful way to share information about Down syndrome. Children's books are especially useful in explaining Down syndrome to children and are a good way of starting discussions about Down syndrome.

Books for Siblings and Other Children about Down Syndrome.

A comprehensive list and reviews of books for parents of children with Down syndrome.

National Support Groups

There are many large national support groups for Down syndrome. Some are dedicated to helping families and others to research and advocacy. I recommend checking out all of the sites and deciding for yourself which ones you find most helpful.

The National Down Syndrome Society
666 Broadway, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10012-2317
Phone: 212-460-9330 or 800-221-4602
Fax: 212-979-2873
E-mail: info@ndss.org

National Down Syndrome Congress
1370 Center Drive, Suite 102
Atlanta, GA 30338
Phone: 770-604-9500 or 800-232-NFSC
E-mail: NDSCcenter@aol.com

National Association for Down Syndrome
PO Box 4542
Oak Brook, IL 60522

International Resource Center for Down Syndrome
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
Cleveland, OH 44106-4921
Phone: 216-368-8806 or 800-288-8804

The Arc National Headquarters
PO Box 1047
Arlington, TX 76004

Local Support Groups

Local support groups can be a great way to learn about local resources and to network with parents in your communicty

A list of local support groups searchable by state from the National Down Syndrome Congress.


Listservs are electronic group emails lists. Rather than sending an email to an individual, email is sent to and received by the whole group. When signing up for these groups, I recommend that you sign up for the digest versions, so that you are not ovverwhelmed by individual emails.

Down-Syn Listserv / Newsgroup

Ups N Downs Group

Yahoo Down Syndrome Group

Other Helpful Resources

A list of resources about Down syndrome including informational websites, parents websites, support groups and other online resources.

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