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Give Everyone the Right Attention at Home


There are families who have faced stressful situations at the time of finding the balance in fairly addressing the needs of their children with and without special needs.   

Families of Children with Down syndrome
Down Syndrome Spotlight10

6 Free or Low Cost Educational Apps for Children with Down Syndrome

The Best Apps For Your Young Child with Down Syndrome

As A Parent You Are Your Child's Best Advocate

Children best advocate

How to Become A Change Leader As A Parent Of A Child with Special Needs

If you feel positive about giving your best to turn the world into a better place for your children and hence other children with the same condition, start working now towards a life with purpose and personal satisfaction.

Educational Resources for Parents of Children with Down Syndrome

Educational resources for parents of children with down syndrome

University For Parents of People with Special Needs

I was elated to learn that Family Network on Disabilities has created the first free online university, available for parents of children with special needs around the globe, available in several languages!

Achievement Center For People With Down Syndrome

Gigi’s Playhouse actually has eleven locations across the Midwest, two in the Northeast, two in the Southeast and one international location in Mexico.

When You Are the Mother of a Child with Down Syndrome or Special Needs

Having a child with Down syndrome is an exciting but challenging circumstance. It's important to learn to share the responsibilities to find time for yourself.

Baby Signs for Children with Down Syndrome

It’s a good idea to introduce Baby Signs asap, as this is a very natural way to help your child with Down syndrome express his needs or feelings.

The Story of Suj, an Outstanding Musician with Down Syndrome

Professionally, Suj continues to get awards, but even the presidential award he received can’t beat the smile & peaceful joy he brings to us and to those blessed to enjoy his soothing music.

Outstanding People with Down Syndrome

Musician with Down syndrome

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