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Treatment of Down Syndrome

Although there is no cure for Down Syndrome, there are therapies for some of the physical problems faced by infants and people with Down syndrome. Start here to learn more about speech, physical and occupational therapies, as well as some of the alternative therapies that have been tried in Down Syndrome.

Treatment of Down Syndrome
A brief overview of the treatments for Down syndrome.

A Comprehensive Look at Speech Therapy in Down Syndrome
Although this article is somewhat technical, it provides a very comprehensive discussion of why speech therapy is so important in individuals with Down syndrome.

Occupational Therapy for Down Syndrome
Read this article to get an idea of what occupational therapy is and the goals of occupational therapy for children and adults with Down syndrome.

Physical Therapy
Written by a physical therapist, this article describes some of the specific physical issues in children with Down syndrome and how physical therapy works to correct these issues.

Cognitive Development and Testing
This article from the Kennedy Krieger Institute describes the testing typically used in evaluating the learning capacity of children Down Syndrome.

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