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Medical Concerns and Care for People with Down Syndrome


While most people with Down syndrome enjoy good health, they can have a variety of medical issues. Knowing what concerns your child may face, when they should be addressed and by whom can help.
  1. Childhood
  2. Teens and Adults
  3. Treatments


Smiling boy with Down syndrome

Most pediatricians are familiar with the care of kids with Down syndrome. You can become a more active player in your child's care by educating yourself on the health issues and needs of children with Down syndrome, too.

Teens and Adults

Photo of a young man with Down syndrome

As time goes by, the needs of people with Down syndrome change. It's wise to know what the future may hold for your child.


Although there is no cure for Down syndrome, there are many treatments and therapies available to deal with some of the medical and physical concerns associated with Down syndrome.

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